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10 More Questions Candidates Should Ask In Their Next Job Interview

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One of my current clients recently had a job interview, and the first question the interviewer asked her was, “What questions do you have for us?” I’ve previously written on the importance of preparing your own questions for your job interviews. But rarely does an interviewer ask this question first. Usually employers save it for last.

When preparing this client for her job interview, I shared with her some of the interview questions I recommend candidates ask. But she also came up with a great list of her own questions, ones that really impressed me. And I knew they would also impress the interviewers.

My client was nice enough to let me share her questions with my readers. Feel free to use some of these, with the understanding you probably won’t have time in your job interview to ask all of them. Therefore, be selective, and prioritize the ones you feel like you need answers to the most.

10 questions candidates should ask in their next job interview

  1. How has the company shown stability over its life?
  2. Is the company growing? If not, what are the limiting factors and what are you doing to grow, despite those limiting factors?
  3. What kind of problems or conflict occur frequently?
  4. How do you resolve conflict?
  5. Who has the final say if there are disagreements in a project?
  6. What role has walk-away power: customers, company, or employees?
  7. How do you motivate your employees beyond salary?
  8. What are the typical work patterns of your employees? Do people arrive early and stay late?
  9. What are expectations outside of business hours?
  10. Does the company do any service projects or community outreach together?

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