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3 Ways We Help You Get Unstuck

1. One-on-One Career Coaching

Personalized coaching that begins with an intake form and a complimentary initial consultation to determine fit, goals, and needs.

2. Career Success Video Courses

Free and affordably priced on-demand career success video courses that allow you to begin working immediately at your own pace.

3. Free Content

Free tips provided on the paNASH blog and newsletter. The blog is also available in audio on iTunes and Alexa (just say, "Alexa, open Lori's career blog.").

Note: personalized coaching sessions can be conducted in person, via online video chat, or via phone.

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One-on-One Personalized Career Coaching Services

How to find work you love.

Career Passion Track

  • Need help finding work you're passionate about?
  • ------
  • Benefits include:
  • - More confidence in your skills.
  • - More and better job offers.
  • - Opportunities to be your own boss.
  • - Work you can enjoy.
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How to advance and stay passionate.

Career Growth Track

  • Do you want to grow your income and your love for your work?
  • ------
  • Benefits include:
  • - Career satisfaction and success.
  • - Fulfillment of your vocational purpose.
  • - Advancement and promotion.
  • - Increased income.
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How to pursue your life passions.

Life Passion Track

  • Need help finding joy in your life?
  • ------
  • Benefits include:
  • - Courage to pursue your passions.
  • - Greater self-confidence.
  • - Expansion of your comfort zone.
  • - Guidance to get "unstuck" and out of your rut.
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How to establish yourself in Nashville.

New To Nashville Track

  • Are you new to town?
  • ------
  • Benefits include:
  • - An instant local support system.
  • - Helpful knowledge specific to your industry (includes the music industry).
  • - New connections.
  • - A sense of belonging.
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paNASH now offers on-demand career success courses in video format that are affordable and allow you to work at your own pace.

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Or try it for free with these three complimentary videos.

5 Ways to Pursue Your Passions in Life and Work

What NOT to Share On Your Resume

The Most Common Job Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

About paNASH Career Coaching


Pursue your PASSION with paNASH!

“I believe you can find the courage to discover and pursue your passions despite the obstacles you may face. I want to see you actively pursue your passions with flair (‘paNASH’) and confidence, along with responsibility to your purpose in life.” Lori Bumgarner, Career Coach & Owner of paNASH

Based in Nashville, TN, paNASH’s mission is to serve, educate, and encourage you by assisting you with the discovery and pursuit of your passions in a way that honors your purpose and your own vision for success, while amplifying who you are personally and advancing you professionally. paNASH helps you fulfill your passions in your work and your life, resulting in:

  • Personal and professional freedom
  • Fulfillment of your vocational purpose
  • More confidence
  • Increased income
  • Greater joy in life and work
  • Being part of something bigger than yourself

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Lori Bumgarner of paNASHLori Bumgarner is the owner of paNASH, a passion and career coaching service, and is a certified transformational coach. She possesses over 20 years of experience as a career coach. Lori has authored several books, including the Amazon #1 bestseller Advance Your Image. She has been published in The Huffington Post, The Daily Positive, Thrive Global, and INC., and she’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal. For the fourth consecutive year since 2017, Lori has been ranked in the top 10 best coaches in Nashville. She holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. Her own passions include stand up paddle boarding, enjoying the outdoors, life-long learning, reading, and encouraging others. Click here to read more about Lori’s approach to career coaching.

Areas of expertise:

  • Discovery of your passion and purpose
  • Personal and professional branding
  • Career coaching for mid-career professionals
  • Interview coaching and salary negotiation
  • Freelance and business start-up guidance


Dr. Denisha S. Bonds is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and Nationally Certified LinkedIn Strategist who combines creativity and expertise to help clients design the careers of their dreams. She possesses nearly 30 years of experience in empowering clients to identify a compatible career path, and teaching them the tools to successfully follow that path. Denisha guides clients to sound career decisions based on their skills, passions, values, and personality. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education, a Master of Science in Higher Education/Student Affairs/Career Development, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music. Her own passions include movies, Broadway musicals, bullet journaling, papercrafting, and reading.

Areas of expertise:

  • Professionally-written résumés and cover letters
  • Creative résumé design and formatting
  • LinkedIn profile customization and optimization
  • Career coaching for recent college graduates and new professionals
  • Administration and interpretation of select career assessments


  • How do you know paNASH's career coaching is right for you?

    You're unhappy with your current work situation and feel stuck.

    not sure what's next in your career and need guidance.

    You know what you want, but aren't sure how to start and you
    need direction.

    You know what you need to do, but you
    lack confidence.

    If you agree with any of these statements, it's time to get started!

  • How do you know paNASH's career coaching is right for you?

    You want to enjoy your work.

    You no longer want to
    miss out or wonder "what could've been."

    costing you financially, emotionally, or physically to stay stuck where you are.

    You want to move from just talking about your passion to
    actively pursuing it.

    If you agree with any of these statements, it's time to get started!


  • "When I left my last job, I faced my first period of extended unemployment in more than 20 years. I knew I'd need some help if I wanted to make a late-career reinvention. Lori helped me bring my resume and presentation skills up to date. More than that, though, she helped give me the perspective and the confidence to navigate the emotional stress that comes with a job search. By listening to her advice and pursuing the path we created together — rather than simply searching for a job — I put myself in a position where the kind of job I wanted found me, even when I didn't know it was available. I also ended up enjoying my unemployment much more than I would have without her calming guidance!"

    Brian M.

  • "Lori is great at talking you through and teaching you the ins and outs of job searching, how employers view your online presence, what your resume says about you, and so much more! She also gives you a lot of really useful online courses, where even if you aren't meeting every week, you can still learn and improve...Lori is the right person to call!"

    Nicholas L.

  • "I can't say enough good things about Lori and the process of working with her. Each meeting with her provided new knowledge and tools to implement into my job search. Beyond that, I learned so much about myself through the exercises she gave me to do and the conversations we had. She was there every step of the way and helped my confidence to grow immensely. I wouldn't be where I am today without her skills, the tools she shared with me, and her support and encouragement along the way!! If you're looking to make a change, figure out what you're passionate about, or find the exact right job for you, contact Lori. You'll be so grateful you did!"

    Lauren F.

  • "Lori is a world-class career coach with a wealth of insight and a singular ability to bring out the best in her clients. After only two coaching sessions, I gave the best interview of my career, resulting in a job offer. I highly recommend paNASH to anyone who feels stuck or wants to take their career to the next level."

    Rachel Y.

  • "Working with Lori at paNASH was an invaluable investment. Lori helped me make enhancements to my resume while providing unique interview strategies that truly set me apart. In a short amount of time, I was made an offer from an organization that allowed me to outline the details of what will be my new career. I can't recommend her services enough!"

    Bonnie S.

  • "I highly recommend paNASH. Lori was so helpful in assisting me with my job search. Her methods work! She challenges you in ways you might not have thought of as you go through her process to better understand what are your strengths and what you are passionate about. You are more than just a client to Lori. She truly cares about you and takes the time to help you move to the next chapter in your career."

    Gordie D.

  • "I had a great experience working with Lori! She was able to answer my many questions and truly tailored our sessions to meet my needs. Lori provided great information - I left each meeting feeling like I'd just tapped into a wealth of insider tips that I couldn't wait to implement. She has a lot of great advice from her years of experience, and she offers information that I have not heard or read anywhere else."

    Nicole A.

  • paNASH currently has a 4.9 Google star rating with over 25 written reviews.

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