The Experience

Find out what it's like to put your passion into action!

paNASH’s mission is to SERVE, EDUCATE, and ENCOURAGE you by assisting you with the DISCOVERY and PURSUIT of your PASSIONS in a way that honors your PURPOSE and your own vision for SUCCESS, while AMPLIFYING who you are personally and ADVANCING you professionally.

What you can expect

1. Unique approach

paNASH owner Lori Bumgarner has a unique background in that she’s one of the few career coaches who’s been coaching her entire career (for over 20 consecutive years).

Unlike other coaches, this is not her second or third career, nor is it something she just fell into. Over the years, Lori has provided career coaching in a variety of capacities, including: a full-time college career adviser, the owner of her own career coaching business, and a contract career consultant.

Therefore, she’s successfully secured her own employment throughout her career by conducting job searches, starting her own business, and negotiating contract opportunities.

She can teach you to be just as successful in any of these revenue-generating methods that best fit your own career path.

2. Exceptional service

paNASH is known for providing exceptional client and customer service such as:

Personalized service tailored to your needs
Encouragement, confidence, and support
24/7 online video courses and how-to tips
Out-of-the-box job search strategies
Up-to-date knowledge
Weekly tips and take-aways

Past clients have described paNASH’s career coaching services as:

Insightful | Distinctive | Invaluable | Responsive | Results-oriented | A worthwhile investment

3. Easy accessiblity

paNASH provides easy accessibility to resources by means of:

Savings options
Flexible scheduling
Various subscription plans
Zoom, phone, or in-person sessions
On-demand career coaching resources
Blog posts in audio format
Easy payment methods and payment plans
Coaching session recordings for reference
Free text and email support between coaching sessions

paNASH has coaching services and resources to fit a variety of budgets and schedules.

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