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manage your energy
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Lori Bumgarner

5 Ways to Manage Your Energy During Your Job Search

Conducting a job search can be draining, especially when facing multiple rejections. These rejections can take their toll on your energy. This is why it’s important to not only manage your time well during your job search, but also to manage your energy. Proper energy management requires you to be strategic with your job search. And no, spending hours filling

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strategic questions
Career Advice
Lori Bumgarner

7 Strategic Questions to Ask Yourself When Making a Career Change

Making a career change can seem daunting when you know it’s necessary, but aren’t sure what the change should entail. It’s important to be as strategic as possible, instead of stumbling into something new that may or may not work out. One of the first steps in exploring what is both possible and realistic is to ask yourself some strategic

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career paths
Career Change/Career Transition
Lori Bumgarner

Career Paths Aren’t Straight and They Don’t Always Go Uphill. Here’s Why.

When most people are first starting out in their careers, they picture their career paths as straight, and on the climb uphill to the top of their fields. When they’re in the middle to end of their careers, they look back and see twists, turns, steep drop-offs, and even loops backwards before going forwards again. It reminds me of the

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