19 Ways to Have a Successful Post-COVID Job Search

The pandemic changed a lot about the way we work. As a result, it changed a lot about the way we look for jobs. If you’re currently in the market for a job, the standard way of conducting a search won’t cut it anymore. You’re going to need some new strategies to be successful in a post-COVID job search. Below are reminders of nineteen different strategies you can implement immediately.

5 ways to network in a post-COVID job market

With more people working from home now, it’s not as easy to meet people outside the home during regular work hours. Also, people are currently wanting to limit their driving due to rising gasoline prices. Add to this the Zoom fatigue many people are feeling, and your networking opportunities have become limited.

As a result, you have to learn to be more creative and effective in networking. Check out my previous post that gives you five suggestions to network effectively in a post-COVID job market.

5 Ways to Network Effectively in a Post-COVID Job Market

5 tips for a more relevant resume

If you’re updating your resume every six months like I’ve always suggested you should, regardless of whether you’re looking for a job or not, you’ll want your next update to include several new post-COVID items.

Learn what these new items are by re-visiting my post entitled, “5 Ways to Make Your Resume Relevant and Attractive in 2022.”

5 Ways to Make Your Resume Relevant and Attractive in 2022

9 post-COVID interview tips

Not only have resumes and networking strategies changed since the pandemic, but so have job interviews. Employers now ask questions never before asked in interviews. You must prepare for these kinds of questions.

Also, you should ask questions you’ve never asked the employer before in an interview. There are things you need to know about how the company has changed since the pandemic.

These are just two of nine things necessary to best prepare for your next job interview. Check out all of them in my post, “How to Prepare For a Job Interview When Everyone Else is Resigning.”

How to Prepare for a Job Interview When Everyone Else Is Resigning

Need help?

paNASH has helped several people successfully implement new strategies for a post-COVID job search. (To read reviews from past clients, Google “paNASH career coaching“.)

If you also need help, you can start by completing the paNASH intake form and scheduling a complimentary initial consultation. There is no charge for this consultation, and filling out the form does not obligate you in any way.

I look forward to chatting with you!

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