Why 2023 Has Been a Year to Remember at paNASH!

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paNASH Career Coaching has had an eventful 2023!

Early in 2023, paNASH was ranked for the 7th consecutive year by Expertise.com’s annual poll for the best career coaches in Nashville, moving up several spots to #2 for this year. By the close of 2023, it was also ranked for the 2nd consecutive year by FindMyProfession.com at their #3 spot.

paNASH celebrated its 17th anniversary and has had one of its top years in terms of number of clients, revenue, and client satisfaction.

Lori, the owner of paNASH, marked 24 years of experience in career coaching and career advising. She moved into a new, more spacious home office after buying a new home, still in the Nashville area, following her May wedding to her husband Jefferson Been.

Lori also became a Leddin Group Certified Guide in 2023, equipping her to provide award-winning leadership training, for both individual clients and organizations.

In addition to getting hitched and buying a new home, Lori celebrated the big 5-0 in 2023! While her original plans to celebrate in her birthplace of New York got postponed, she did get to enjoy a few fun trips. This included her honeymoon to Mexico, a cross-country summer road trip starting in Colorado, and a visit to the house in the famous painting, American Gothic, while on a business trip to Iowa in October.

What’s next for paNASH in 2024?

Lori has big plans for paNASH and her clients in the upcoming new year. This will include:

  • A mobile app to help clients stay on track with their career goals and to provide them instant accountability.
  • A proven leadership training program to help clients grow in their career and advance in their role and company.
  • Networking opportunities to meet and learn from other paNASH clients (click here to see what they have to say about their experience).
  • A new edition of Lori’s most recent book (with a new title).
  • Updated on-demand video tutorials at the same affordable price.

What’s next for you in 2024?

Do you want to make your 2024 even better than your 2023? Is it time for you to consider a new career or job opportunity? Let one of the top-ranked career coaches help you! Click here to learn more about paNASH and to schedule a complimentary initial consultation with Lori.

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