A New Vision

You may notice a new look to the paNASH web site, along with a new vision and mission for paNASH. I am excited about some wonderful changes soon taking place in services and offerings that are designed to help people discover and pursue their passions in life and career on a deeper level.

A New Vision

As the owner of paNASH, I believe everyone can find the courage to discover and pursue their passions despite the obstacles they may face. I want to see people actively pursue their passions with flair (“paNASH”) and confidence, along with responsibility to their purpose in life.

A New Commitment

I am committed to helping people find the courage to overcome the fears that are preventing them from fulfilling their potential and living life to the fullest. And I am committed to helping them find ways through and around both real and perceived obstacles to fulfill their passions. For some people, this may first mean assisting them in figuring out what their passions are. For others, it may mean helping them put their passions into action, either through work, service, or leisure (or all of the above!).

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new adventure, including announcements on individual and group coaching services, resources, and more! In the meantime, join our newsletter and receive a complimentary 8-Step Goal Achievement Plan.

Lori Bumgarner, owner of paNASH

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