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How to Think Like an Entrepreneur (Even When You’re Not One)

I came across this YouTube video and thought it was the perfect follow-up to last week’s paNASH blog post How to Avoid Technological Unemployment. What James Altucher says in 3 minutes is so true:

As he says, of the 15 million new jobs created between 2009 and 2017, 94% were freelance jobs. You yourself may not be a freelancer or entrepreneur now. But by the year 2020, 40% of the workforce will be independent workers, according to a study conducted by Freelancers Union.

Will you know how to create your own job and be your own boss if future reality requires it? Will you welcome the opportunity as a way to finally pursue your passion?

Why You Need the Skills of an Entrepreneur (even if you’re not one)

Even if you never become an entrepreneur, you’ll still need to think like one to gain future employment. With more companies downsizing, competition will get fiercer. It’s already true you need to be a salesman of your skills. And employers are already hiring for the skills listed in the video above.

The 8 Skills Everyone Needs to Make a Living

Let’s look at each of those skills and how paNASH’s new on-demand coaching programs help you develop them:

  1. Salesmanship. In Steps to Acing the Interview and The 3 Super Powers of Successful Job Seekers, you’ll learn how to sell your skills and abilities in an authentic way that matters most to employers and potential clients.
  2. Likeability. In The Secret to Successful Networking: How to Do It Naturally and Effectively, you’ll learn how to make networking a more pleasant experience. Especially if you’re an introvert. It’ll teach you how to network more comfortably and naturally, in return making you more likeable.
  3. Negotiation. In Make More Money Without Taking a Second Job, you’ll learn how to negotiate a larger salary, a pay raise, or a promotion.
  4. Public Speaking. In Personal Branding: How to Know What Makes You YOUnique and AWEthentic, you’ll learn how to find your authentic voice and develop your message for your audience. Your audience could include employers and hiring recruiters, potential clients, and more.
  5. Communication. Also in Personal Branding, you’ll learn how to clearly communicate your “WHY” and your “HOW” of what you do.
  6. Writing. In Resumes That Get You the Interview, you’ll learn how to write a clear, concise and effective resume that will be seen and be given full consideration.
  7. Creativity. The on-demand programs like 5 Ways to Pursue Your Passions in Life and Work encourage you and provide you a safe place to explore your passions and creativity.
  8. How to come up with and how to execute ideas. The Don’t Just Set Goals, ACHIEVE Them! program teaches you how to set, execute, and achieve your goals and ideas.

If you learn these skills now, you’ll be able to pursue your passions and make your own money with your own resources. Or you’ll be able to market yourself to a job working for someone else doing something you love.

Invest in Yourself

One way to begin is to invest in yourself. Take the money you’d spend on some new clothes or the latest tech gadget and put it toward some classes. This could include some continuing ed classes or online classes.

It could also include the new on-demand programs offered by paNASH. These programs are easily accessible, affordable (some are even free!), and allow you to work at your own pace. They’re designed to teach you how to market your new skills to a new employer or as a lifestyle entrepreneur to potential clients. What are you waiting for?

Your Passion, in Beta

I’ve been working with a client who tends to be a bit of a perfectionist. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to have it all figured out and running smoothly when he starts a new venture he’s passionate about.

The problem is, those ventures never see the light of day because he’s still waiting until he’s perfected them. Since no one is perfect, his ideas may never be seen by others, all because of his unrealistic standards.

I explained to him that it doesn’t have to all be figured out completely before he starts putting his ideas out there.

Take it in stages. Work on Phase 1. And when it’s ready to stop being tweaked (not necessarily when it’s perfected), put it out there. Learn from it, then apply what you’ve learned to Phase 2, and so on.

Put your passion in Beta

Just last week I was having a meeting with a strategic partner who was telling me about her own venture she’s passionate about. I loved how she described the beginning of it. She said,

“I just did as much as I could figure out to do at this point, slapped the word ‘Beta’ on it, and moved forward!”

Beta is a great way to test what you’re trying to do and then make tweaks, no matter what kind of offering you have. It’s a valid method for software and app development. So why can’t it be a valid method of development for your own thing?

Take One Small Action Step

It can definitely be scary putting your idea out there to the world for possible criticism. And that fear can cause paralysis.

Do whatever it takes to light a fire under you to fight whichever “P” you’re dealing with. Perfectionism, paralysis, or straight up procrastination.

Just start. Just share.

Don’t wait until it’s perfect (or for the perfect timing). That will never happen.

NOW is the time for phase 1, the beta testing period.

Phases 2, 3, and 4 will eventually come, but only after you’ve accomplished Phase 1. And Phase 1 may mean just taking one small action step.

My Personal Experience With taking Action

I remember how scary it was when I was starting my first business. But the thing that motivated me to move forward instead of becoming paralyzed by fear was the simple act of going down to the County Clerk’s office and paying $20 for a business license. That one small action step was what I needed to keep me from chickening out of my plan.

Once I got a business license, it became real to me. I said to myself, “Well, it’s official now. I guess I really have to do this!” That piece of paper is the thing that held me accountable to my passion.

Holding You Accountable

What’s holding you accountable to your own passions? What’s holding you back from them? Feel free to share here in the comment box. Maybe just by sharing it with our readers it could be the one thing that will break you free from your own analysis paralysis!

One small action step you can take today is to view my free webinar 5 Ways to Pursue Your Passions in Life and Work. You’ll learn:

  • How to get unstuck and get out of your rut.
  • Ways to overcome your obstacles and re-frame your negative beliefs.
  • Ways to discover new passions and to pursue your long-held passions.
  • How to incorporate your passions into your work with successful networking skills.
  • Ways to nail the interview for a job that fulfills your purpose and passions.