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5 Ways to Discover New Passions in Your Life

Originally published on The Daily Positive.

Is it time for you to learn something new or try something again? Is there a place you’ve never visited? I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, explore your surroundings, and talk to interesting people. Here’s how doing so can lead to new passions:

1. Try something new.

When we open ourselves up to new experiences, we discover passions we never imagined! If I was told three years ago I would be spending my free time stand-up paddle boarding down the river, I wouldn’t believe it. And if I was told this new passion would trigger a career change, I really wouldn’t believe it. This all came from taking a beginner paddle boarding class.

new passions

2. Try something old.

The first time I tried rock climbing I was horrible and thought I could never do it. A couple years later, I tried again, and surprisingly, I could! What was the difference? Just a little tweak in my approach. I listened to what an expert said about using my legs more than my arms. This made a huge difference!

Don’t assume because you failed at something once, you’ll fail again. Try a different approach!

3. Travel.

I know a woman who discovered a unique passion when she traveled to Italy. While there, she learned the time-honored art of bookbinding by hand. First, bookbinding became a hobby for her, and now it’s her full-time job! If she had never visited Italy, she may still be stuck in her previously miserable career.

New places or even a simple change of scenery can lead you down a path you never knew existed. You don’t have to travel far away, new passions can be discovered somewhere within driving distance too.

4. Pay attention to your surroundings.

When you pay attention to your surroundings, you’ll discover new opportunities for new passions to arise. Sometimes just inquiring about something that catches your eye can lead to a newly discovered passion.

Many cities and local colleges host community classes on topics within arts, languages, computers, etc. In the past, I’ve taken a photography class, an archery class, and even a fly-fishing class. I’ve also taught some classes! This year I plan to take a marketing class and a financial success class. Pay attention to the opportunities around you!

5. Talk to people.

A few years ago a friend of mine and his girlfriend were traveling in Florida when they noticed a van with the picture of a stand-up paddle boarder on it. They inquired about it and discovered a place where they could learn to paddle board. The first day, they fell in the water several times but went back a second day to try again. They quickly became so passionate about this experience they decided to open their own paddle boarding company. They talked to everyone in the business to learn as much as they could. Nine months later, they opened their own paddle shop with much success! Their success happened just from expressing an interest and learning from the people around them.

New Passions

Everyone has the opportunity to discover new passions.

Find more ways to do so in the complimentary on-demand webinar 5 Ways to Pursue Your Passions in Work and Life.

Click here for more ways to pursue new passions.

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Stand Up For Your Worth

What’s your worth? My first year out of grad school, I worked at an institution where my male counterparts got paid A LOT more money for a lot less responsibility than me. I also once worked in an industry where I was often told, “Oh, we can’t pay you for your expertise, but this project will give you great exposure.”

HOLD UP! Am I the only one who sees there’s something clearly wrong with these scenarios? The second scenario mentioned will sound familiar to a lot of people here in Nashville, but it’s one that’s (at least in its particular industry) rarely questioned or challenged.

Know Your Worth

If you work hard and do a good job, shouldn’t you get paid for it??? My grandmother believed so. She was the hardest working person I ever knew. Here’s her story, and how she serves as an encouragement to stand up for your worth. I hope that both men and women will learn from her example and teach their children her example as well:

Know Your Worth And Close The Wage Gap

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Discover New Passions

Discover New Passions

This week’s paNASH blog is actually a link to an article on “5 Ways to Discover New PassionsI recently wrote for The Daily Positive, a popular blog site first created by Dale Partridge and designed to include writings that inspire you to live a life of purpose.

I’ve always enjoyed reading the insightful posts from the writers and contributors of TDP, and am honored to have my article featured along side theirs. Click on over to read it and sign up for their newsletter so you can receive even more inspirational and helpful articles!

5 Ways To Discover New Passions


The tips in this article are just a small sampling of what I cover in my complimentary webinar “5 Ways to Pursue Your Passions in Life and Work.” If you missed the first webinar, don’t worry! I’ll be hosting it again the evening of September 8th.

And yes, I know that’s the same night as the NFL season opener, but don’t despair. I want to see that Panthers-Broncos rematch too! We’ll be done an hour before kickoff. So get off the sidelines and start actively participating in the trajectory of your life and career! (Click here to register.)

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Be Inspired: Advice From Those Boldly Pursuing Their Passions

Be Inspired

This past week I stepped out of my comfort zone by getting in front of the camera for live broadcasts on Periscope (@paNASHstyle). I don’t like being on camera, but I do want to bring to my audience inspiration for pursuing their passions. I’ll try to get on camera on a regular basis, but much of my live broadcasts will be interviews with other people who have boldly pursued their passions, discussing how they faced their fears and their advice for people like you who are trying to pursue their passions.

Inspiration From Others’ Stories

One of the inspirations for this type of broadcast series is the story of a woman who has combined her strengths for conducting research and her passion for helping people. I first heard of Pam Slaton on the news program 20/20. She was being interviewed for her significant work of helping reunite adoptees and their birth mothers (I’m always moved by stories when long-lost family members are reunited – I cry like a baby!).

In working with my clients, I use a lot of career assessments, including the Holland Code. If I had to guess what Slaton’s Holland Code is based on her work, I would guess she is an ISE (Investigative, Social, and Enterprising). Investigative types are those who prefer investigation, research, exploration and discovery. Slaton has a background as a historian and genealogist. Social types are empathetic helpers. Slaton herself was an adopted child and is passionate about helping others find their natural/biological families. Enterprising types are energetic and risk-takers. Slaton is her own boss and works without a staff, putting in hours and hours of her own energy to help her clients.

Watch Live Interviews for Advice

It’s people like Slaton that I want to highlight and show what drives their passions and how they overcome their fears of pursuing those passions. This Wednesday I’ll be scoping my first live interview with a good friend, Neil Newton, the owner of Paddle Up Nashville. He’ll discuss how he and his partner Cindy Sorci discovered a new passion and quickly took it beyond just a hobby to a profitable business. He’ll also discuss the challenges and excitement of starting a new business in the latter part of his career and how it’s never too late to pursue your passions!

paNASH on periscope

Join me (@paNASHstyle) on Periscope this Wednesday at 9am from the docks of Rock Harbor Marina. If you can’t catch the live broadcast, no worries! I’ll be sure to post the recording to my YouTube channel and my Facebook Fan Page.

To find out about other upcoming live interviews, subscribe to our newsletter today and receive a complimentary 8-Step Goal-Achievement Plan.

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