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Overcoming Fear

Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or even fear of success, we all have experienced fear in some shape or form. For some of us, our fears have been so powerful they have kept us from getting the things we want most, including love, adventure, success, financial freedom, you name it. Knowing how to deal with fear in a healthy manner instead of letting it paralyze us is the key to achieving our goals and desires.

Last week we talked about the fears and anxieties that come when moving into The Learning Zone, and as promised this week I am going to discuss how to overcome those fears.

Out of control

Recently I was having breakfast with an old high school friend. She was telling me about how she finally came to the realization that a lot of her own fears in life were less about the things she thought she was afraid of, and more about the fear of not having control.

She realized that, in looking back on her life, everything has turned out pretty good so far, so why not just accept the fact that she’s not in control and trust that the future will also turn out good, even in the midst of possible trials and tribulations.

Willingness Instead Of Fearlessness

In listening to the things my friend said she had been afraid of for so long and had finally let go of, I realized I still have some of the same fears she once had, and yes, most of them boil down to just one fear:  the fear of not having control (which is also closely related to the fear of failure and the fear of the unknown).

Some of my friends look at me and think I’m brave or unafraid, but those closest to me know I have just as many fears as the next person. What may appear to be fearlessness is instead a willingness to face fears and push through them. I’ve done this with a lot of my own fears, but still have some fears I need to overcome. How does one do this?

5 Ways of Overcoming Fear

A new friend of mine, author and business and career strategist Gabriel Aviles, recently published a post on Dale Partridge’s The Daily Positive blog entitled “5 Ways Dreamers Can Overcome Their Fear of Failure.” While Gabriel’s article is geared toward those dreaming to leave their job to start their own business, the lessons can be applied to any type of goal one may have. Because after all, just like we all have fears, we all have dreams.

So let’s look at the 5 things Gabriel says to do to overcome fear of failure (replace the word “failure” with your own fear you’re currently facing):

  1. Unpack your fears:  Gabriel says to acknowledge your fears and ask yourself what would be the worse-case-scenario if those fears came true.
  2. Forget about your fears:  this one is pretty self-explanatory. I will say it is a lot easier to forget about your fears once you’ve completed step #1 and gotten them out of your system. One thing I’ve done in the past that’s helped me is to write down my fears on a piece of paper, and then light it on fire! Watch those fears go up in smoke!
  3. Gain clarity:  Gabriel discusses the importance of visualizing your desired outcome.
  4. Create a transition strategy:  this is a responsible way to face your fears and move toward your desired outcome.
  5. Take action:  this one is pretty self-explanatory too. Once you’ve decided on a strategy to transition to your desired goal, you have to implement your strategy.

Thank you Gabriel for such great insights! A coach like Gabriel or myself can help walk you through the above 5 steps, and so can the paNASH 8-Step Goal-Achievement Plan. It’s free and it’s designed to help you create a strategy and make it happen. Click here to start receiving the 8-Step Goal-Achievement Plan in your inbox today.

From the Comfort Zone to the Learning Zone

Last week I shared with you a diagram of circles that pinpoint the ideal “Sweet Spot” for your purpose in life and work. However, to arrive at that “sweet spot,” there are some zones you have to go through.

The Comfort Zone

You’ve often heard the phrase “get out of your comfort zone.”

This is great advice because as you can see from another diagram below, not much happens inside the comfort zone.

learning zone

While it’s smart and necessary to get outside your comfort zone to experience progress in your goals, you have to be careful not to get too far outside your comfort zone. One article by Belle Beth Cooper explains this very clearly:  it all has to do with your anxiety levels.

The Learning Zone

Inside your comfort zone there are very low levels of anxiety (that’s why it’s called the “Comfort Zone”!). As soon as you start to step outside your comfort zone, your anxiety levels increase. As humans we typically try to avoid anxiety. But slightly increased levels of anxiety can be a good thing because anxiet challenges us and motivates us to learn new things. This area just outside comfort zone is called the “Learning Zone.”

The Panic Zone

Where the concept of stepping outside your comfort zone starts to backfire is when you step too far over the line of your comfort zone. When this happens, you end up in what’s called the Panic Zone. This is the place where your anxiety levels increase at an alarming rate, causing a panicked response. When that happens, you become paralyzed with fear and can’t do anything constructive.

Stay In The Learning Zone

The goal then, when trying something new, is to find the “sweet spot” in terms of your anxiety levels. That sweet spot is found within the Learning Zone as illustrated in our next circular diagram:

learning zone

It is here where there is a balance of challenge and support. Too much support, and you’ll remain in your comfort zone. Too much challenge with little to no support and you’ll end up in the panic zone.

Pushing The Boundaries Of Your Learning Zone

There will still be anxiety and fears within the Learning Zone, but not to worry. Next week we will talk about how to overcome the biggest fear most people face:  the fear of failure. If you can overcome the fear of failure, you can overcome every other fear, allowing you to push the boundaries of your Learning Zone!

Until then, join our newsletter and receive a complimentary 8-Step Goal Achievement Plan. It’s designed to move your passions from just something you dream about to something you live on a daily basis.

Source:  http://blog.crew.co/getting-out-of-your-comfort-zone-why-its-hard-and-why-you-should/

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