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When Persevering Is Your Only Option

One of my biggest passions is stand up paddle boarding (if you didn’t already know that from last week’s blog post). I love it so much, partly because I pick up so many life lessons while out on my board.

Life Lessons From The Water

This is why I started my other blog, SUP: Spiritual Understanding & Prayer (on a SUP board). I wanted to record all the things that were being revealed to me out on the water. Like this for instance:

Today the water levels on the river were down a little bit from earlier this weekend, but the current was still rather swift (about 2.5-3 MPH). The owners of the SUP shop invited a group of us to go out for a mileage builder. The plan was to paddle downstream to the next harbor, and then back upstream against the fast current for a total of 8 miles round trip. The owner said, “It will be great training!” So I said, “Let’s do it!”


There were some eddies in the water and some swells from a barge ahead of us, but otherwise it was a really easy paddle downstream. We were moving really fast and it only took us half an hour to get to the other harbor. But we all knew, going back was going to be much, much tougher.

What took us half an hour going downstream took us two and a half hours going upstream to get back to where we started. We felt like we were on a treadmill! When we finally got view of our turnoff, it seemed like a mirage because it felt like we’d never reach it. I was getting blisters on my hands and all of us were experiencing fatigue. But giving up was not an option. We had to keep paddling and keep our eye on our destination. If we stopped for even just a moment, we would lose a lot of the ground we had gained. Once we finally made it back, we felt stronger and felt like we could accomplish anything! Click here to continue reading.

Keep Persevering

Sometimes in life it seems like we are paddling upstream. Oftentimes we feel like we’re not making any headway either in our life or our career (or both!). But what choice do we have except to keep going and keep persevering if we don’t want to get swept further downstream?

“Can Do” Attitude

We have to maintain a “can do” attitude instead of letting the “I can’t” voice in our heads take over. In last night’s webinar I talked about how to reframe the “I can’t” beliefs into “I CAN” beliefs to achieve success. Instead of listening to your inner critic say “you can’t,” tell yourself what you can do within your control to take steps toward success.

The example I used was someone who tells themselves, “I’m not a good public speaker.” Instead, say to yourself, “I can be a good public speaker with a few classes and some practice.” This is the difference between a defeatist attitude and a hopeful attitude.

I hope this week’s blog will be an encouragement for you to keep persevering in your dreams and your passions. If you need even more encouragement, check out this blog post I wrote in March about Jim Valvano’s famous “Never give up” speech. I hope you find motivation in his words and in my SUP blog.

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Combine Your Passions to Create Opportunity

When helping my clients, one thing I like to do is encourage them to brainstorm ways they can combine their passions. An example of this is someone who has a love for sports and for photography parlaying that into a part-time or full-time job as a sports photographer. Or, someone who is studying music but also loves children and helping people could focus their career plans toward music therapy at a children’s hospital.

Taking your hobbies and passions a step further

I recently saw this quote on Pinterest and totally agree…

three hobbies

…but I also like to ask, “How can you take this a step further and find some overlap between the three?” What if you found one passion or hobby that made you money AND kept you in shape? Or one that let you earn money while exploring your creative hobby?

My own example

I’ve worked hard to try to do the same for myself. It’s taken a while to make each of my passions (spirituality, coaching, writing, and stand up paddle boarding) fit in a way that makes sense, but it finally came together this past year. About two years ago I discovered a passion for stand up paddle boarding which is a fun way for me to keep in shape in one of my favorite places:  on the water! While doing this, I started seeing a parallel between the lessons I gained from stand up paddling and the lessons in Scripture. I decided to use my creative juices for writing to start recording those parallels in the form of a devotional blog called SUP:  Spiritual Understanding & Prayer (on a SUP board).

But I still had a desire to figure out a way to incorporate stand up paddling in my work as a career and life coach. This took the longest to come together, but when I changed my business over from an image consulting company to a career and life coaching service, it suddenly became very clear how I could accomplish this. I could actually conduct a coaching session with clients on the water (using my spare board), and could translate the SUP beginner lessons with the things they are dealing with in life and work. For instance, how to achieve not just physical balance (obviously necessary for SUP), but also work-life balance.


I have already taken a few clients out this summer and so far I’ve received great feedback from them. One said that because she did crew in college, going out to the river felt familiar to her which eased her nervousness about trying SUP. She said in turn, that has helped ease her nervousness before job interviews because of the techniques I’ve taught her for job interviewing makes each interview feel familiar and less nerve-wracking than before.

Another client has said that just being on the water left her feeling rejuvenated both physically and mentally, and ready to take on life’s next challenge. For me, it’s awesome that I get to use my passion for stand up paddle boarding and my skill for teaching a new hobby to make money while helping others, introducing them to something new, and getting a little exercise in all at the same time!

How can you combine your passions?

Whatever your hobbies are, I encourage you to start thinking about how you can combine your passions for maximum benefits, whether that means earning a profit, getting more exercise built into your routine, getting your creative juices flowing, or all three! One way to start getting ideas is by completing the 8-Step Goal-Achievement Plan which you will begin receiving for free when you subscribe to the paNASH newsletter.

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When Too Good To Be True Feels Icky

Icky Schemes

Am I the only one who feels a little (or a lot) “icky” when I see social media posts and ads that say things like, “I went from no business experience to a millionaire in 5 months – here’s how you can too!!!”? Or, “I quit my job and now make six figures a month while vacationing instead of working – you can do the same!”?

These ads tend to pop up more and more on my social media platforms now that I am listed as a coach who helps people pursue work they are passionate about and find meaning and purpose in. (I notice even more so on my Instagram account!) But what I do is NEVER to be lumped in with these cheesy, icky “get-rich-quick” schemes.

Realistic Expectations

When you’re serious about the pursuit of your purpose and passion, it requires the realistic expectation of an investment. This investment includes:  personal growth and reflection, sacrifice, time, effort, and money. Without those investments, the pursuit is not authentic.

That doesn’t mean, however, the investment has to be hard or laborious. If it’s something you’re truly passionate about, it doesn’t feel much like work. Instead, you’re excited to get up each morning and create whatever it is you have a vision for.

This is why my upcoming webinar, “5 Ways to Pursue Your Passions in Life & Work,” is different from the ones you see advertised that make you feel like you need a shower afterwards! While it is free, it requires time to listen to it, participation in the discussion, and follow-through on the implementable action steps laid out in the program.

It includes ways to not just set goals (anybody can do that!) but to also achieve goals by sticking to a plan, ways to overcome the inevitable stumbling blocks that can prevent you from achieving your goals, and useful and unique tips for job search success that most career coaches don’t typically share in such a format.

The webinar is designed to get you started on a track to potential success, but you will have to do your part and follow the tips and steps laid out in the program in order to begin seeing success. Once you begin seeing initial success, you’ll be motivated to keep going and dig deeper.

In no way should this program sound too good to be true. As with anything, you only get out of it what you put into it, whether it’s participating in a coaching program, starting your own business, or conducting a job search. If you’ve read this far and you’re willing to sacrifice a little time and effort to participate, then claim your spot below. You’ll be several steps ahead than you were when you started!

pursue your passions


Live Coaching Webinar

Claim Your Spot

Register for the complimentary live coaching webinar “5 Ways to Pursue Your Passions in Life and Work,” hosted by Passion & Career Specialist Lori Bumgarner. By the end of this free coaching session you’ll be equipped with implementable action steps and tools to help you overcome obstacles and achieve job search success.

July 26th @ 6:00 pm CT


You’re going to learn:

  1. How to not just set goals, but also how to achieve goals by overcoming obstacles
  2. Ways to overcome and re-frame the negative beliefs you have about yourself that are keeping you stuck where you are
  3. Ways to discover new passions and to pursue your long-held passions
  4. How to incorporate your passions into your work by utilizing successful networking and job search skills
  5. Ways to nail the interview for a job that fulfills your purpose and passions

“After the first session, I was blown away by the experience and could already see how beneficial Lori’s coaching was going to be!” Lauren F.

Register to Claim Your Spot

Space is limited, so click here to register today at no cost.

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Faith and Failure: The Road to Success for Joel Anderson

Last week I had the honor to sit down with Spirit of Nashville illustrator and owner of Anderson Design Group, Joel Anderson, where he discussed how both faith and failure lead to success in pursuing your passions. I especially loved his description of what he and his staff do with their so-called failures (the artwork that didn’t quite hit the mark):  they stick it in the freezer!


Joel also shares in this interview how he started his business with no money and how his pursuit of his passion was an adventure that increased his faith and his exuberance in taking chances, doing things to the best of his ability, and then leaving the rest to God.

“Everything in humanity is a process of growing, stumbling forward and learning as you go by making mistakes…Failures are just ways of teaching you how not to do something.”

Joel talks about how to take calculated risks. He says there will always be reasons why you shouldn’t take chances, but be bold in taking them, while remaining prudent, recognizing confirmation, and ensuring there’s a sense of peace in your decision.

Some questions I ask:

  • Who is the man behind the “Spirit of Nashville” prints and what has been your career path?
  • What kind of fears did you have when starting your own design company, and again when you decided to re-organize and focus just on your passion for illustrative poster design and product development?
  • How did you overcome those fears?
  • Had you waited for the “perfect timing” of starting your own business, what would have happened?
  • What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from failure?
  • Tell me about your experience traveling to all the country’s national parks while working on your most recent coffee table book. What was that like? What makes you glad you did it?
  • How do you think your work helps others? 
  • What advice would you have for someone trying to pursue their own passions as a career option?

Spirit of Nashville

In this interview you will learn:

    • How Joel made the decision to leave a secure job to pursue his own passions. (1:19)
    • Ways to pursue your passions on the side of a full-time job. (1:30)
    • How to overcome the fear of leaving a secure job. (1:44)
    • How defining moments in life can spark your decision to pursue your passion. (2:09)
    • What it’s like to start a business with no money. (2:41)
    • Why you can’t wait until the perfect timing or until your circumstances are perfect to start your own business. (3:33)
    • How the worst-case scenario can be a little less scary. (3:40)
    • How you can’t be successful without failures and mistakes. (3:48)
    • What to do with your failures. (5:29)
    • How to enlarge your territory with your gifts and talents. (7:06)
    • How an entrepreneur can work collaboratively and avoid isolation. (10:10)
    • How creative work contributes to the whole economy. (11:01)
    • How to give back with the gifts you’ve been given. (11:38)
    • How to know if you’ll be successful at your passion. (12:12)
    • Ways to begin putting your passion into action. (12:53)
    • Ways to spur creativity. (14:03)
    • Where to purchase Joel’s designs. (14:54)
    • How to make your own creations accessible to the public. (15:29)
    • How you can give back. (15:58)

Joel mentioned in the interview above that he was raised to always give back, and true to that form he is generously giving copies of his 10th Anniversary Edition of his The Spirit of Nashville:  The Art & Soul of Music City poster book to those who make a donation to the paNASH fund. This fund is designed to provide job search skills to those served by local non-profit organizations. For more information on how to donate and receive a copy of Joel’s book (while supplies last), click here.

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Your Passion, in Beta

I’ve been working with a client who tends to be a bit of a perfectionist. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to have it all figured out and running smoothly when he starts a new venture he’s passionate about.

The problem is, those ventures never see the light of day because he’s still waiting until he’s perfected them. Since no one is perfect, his ideas may never be seen by others, all because of his unrealistic standards.

I explained to him that it doesn’t have to all be figured out completely before he starts putting his ideas out there.

Take it in stages. Work on Phase 1. And when it’s ready to stop being tweaked (not necessarily when it’s perfected), put it out there. Learn from it, then apply what you’ve learned to Phase 2, and so on.

Put your passion in Beta

Just last week I was having a meeting with a strategic partner who was telling me about her own venture she’s passionate about. I loved how she described the beginning of it. She said,

“I just did as much as I could figure out to do at this point, slapped the word ‘Beta’ on it, and moved forward!”

Beta is a great way to test what you’re trying to do and then make tweaks, no matter what kind of offering you have. It’s a valid method for software and app development. So why can’t it be a valid method of development for your own thing?

Take One Small Action Step

It can definitely be scary putting your idea out there to the world for possible criticism. And that fear can cause paralysis.

Do whatever it takes to light a fire under you to fight whichever “P” you’re dealing with. Perfectionism, paralysis, or straight up procrastination.

Just start. Just share.

Don’t wait until it’s perfect (or for the perfect timing). That will never happen.

NOW is the time for phase 1, the beta testing period.

Phases 2, 3, and 4 will eventually come, but only after you’ve accomplished Phase 1. And Phase 1 may mean just taking one small action step.

My Personal Experience With taking Action

I remember how scary it was when I was starting my first business. But the thing that motivated me to move forward instead of becoming paralyzed by fear was the simple act of going down to the County Clerk’s office and paying $20 for a business license. That one small action step was what I needed to keep me from chickening out of my plan.

Once I got a business license, it became real to me. I said to myself, “Well, it’s official now. I guess I really have to do this!” That piece of paper is the thing that held me accountable to my passion.

Holding You Accountable

What’s holding you accountable to your own passions? What’s holding you back from them? Feel free to share here in the comment box. Maybe just by sharing it with our readers it could be the one thing that will break you free from your own analysis paralysis!

One small action step you can take today is to view my free webinar 5 Ways to Pursue Your Passions in Life and Work. You’ll learn:

  • How to get unstuck and get out of your rut.
  • Ways to overcome your obstacles and re-frame your negative beliefs.
  • Ways to discover new passions and to pursue your long-held passions.
  • How to incorporate your passions into your work with successful networking skills.
  • Ways to nail the interview for a job that fulfills your purpose and passions.

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