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paNASH Success Story: Making a living on rediscovered passions

I always love sharing paNASH Success Stories, and here’s another one! I’ve been working with this client for about six months. When I first met her, she was coming out of a very successful career as a professional athlete, and didn’t know what was next for her. She had a lot of interests, skills, and creativity, but didn’t know how to put them to use. She was working a retail job that didn’t match any of those skills or interests and hated it.

Rediscovered Passions

Since we started working together, she has quit her retail job, explored a variety of possible career options, and has rediscovered her previous passion for writing. She has also rediscovered her love for all things design, including graphic design and interior design, and is putting into action a way to help her and her family prosper.

She is using her love for writing to write for her husband’s home improvement and renovation business’s company blog, and she is revamping her own interior decorating blog she started a long time ago. In addition, she is using her graphic design skills to improve the brand and promotion of her husband’s business, resulting in new clients. And, she is developing her interior decorating talents to keep current clients by providing a “next step” service for them after their home renovations are completed. It is the perfect complement to her husband’s own business and passion.

The Process of Experimentation

It took some time for this client to arrive at this plan. She was trying several different things and considering an array of possible options. This often made her feel like she was aimless and all over the place. I reminded her this is a season of experimentation for her and encouraged her to embrace it.

I told her that by trying different things she would eventually arrive at the answer to her “What’s next?” question. And she has. She did so probably sooner rather than later because she was using the tools my coaching services provide, including:

  • goal-setting
  • accountability
  • encouragement
  • soul-reflection and self-assessment
  • personal branding
  • and much more.

rediscovered passions

Lessons Learned

Some of the biggest lessons she says she’s learned from the coaching is to not try to fit someone else’s mold and to not listen too much to what other “well-meaning” family members say she should be doing. She’s instead learned to take the talents and interests that go all the way back to her childhood and discover ways to incorporate them into adulthood. 

Adulting doesn’t mean letting go of your childhood passions. It just means learning how to rediscover those talents and interests and develop them in a responsible way that benefits the world around you.  Is it time for you to do this? Let’s talk!

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paNASH Success Story: Client finds job after just 4 sessions

Since transitioning from a fasionista to a “passionista” in the first quarter of 2016, I am already seeing success in my new clients’ pursuit of their passions, especially when it comes to their careers. For instance, last week one of my clients who has been out of a work for 2.5 years found a job after just four sessions with me. And she didn’t find just any job. It was a job related to her areas of interests and skills with opportunities to move up and the ability to work remotely, which saves her money in gas, car and daycare expenses!

Not only that, being able to work remotely will allow my client the schedule to continue her passion of rescuing and placing dogs, something she did full-time while unemployed, creating her own non-profit for homeless dogs. In addition, being able to work remotely will allow her the flexibility to learn some new skills she’s been wanting to develop so she can use her creativity and eventually move up in her new company.


The remaining time working with this client will be spent helping her set herself up for success in her new role with onboarding coaching and preparation for a promotion sooner rather than later. I will also work with her on other long-term career and passion goals, and will help her improve her networking skills since networking doesn’t end after getting a job. It’s continuous and necessary for future success!

Need help with your own success story? Get started with the complimentary 8-Step Goal-Achievement Plan. Need some personal assistance? Complete the paNASH intake form and we’ll get in touch with you to set up an initial consultation.

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