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paNASH Adds New Career Coach and More Services

Press release – new career coach and more services

New career coach – Dr. Denisha S. Bonds

paNASH LLC is excited to announce the addition of career coach Dr. Denisha S. Bonds. Dr. Bonds combines creativity and expertise to help clients design the careers of their dreams. She sees career development as a strategic two-step process:  identifying compatible career options for the client, and helping the client develop the tools necessary to successfully follow his or her unique path.

Dr. Bonds adds an additional 30 years of experience to paNASH owner Lori Bumgarner’s 20 years of experience, for a combined 50 years of career coaching experience. In fact, Bonds and Bumgarner previously worked together in North Carolina in the field of higher education as college career advisers from 2002 to 2006.

“I’m so excited to have Denisha come on board and to work with her again! Even after I left North Carolina for Nashville, she and I continued to support one another over the years as we each developed our own niches in the career coaching industry. With everything currently happening in the job market, it’s the perfect time for paNASH to add her as a coach and expand our services,” commented Bumgarner.

More career coaching services

Dr. Bonds brings an expertise that enhances and complements paNASH’s career coaching services. In addition to paNASH’s current offerings of…

  • Exploration and discovery of passion and purpose
  • Personal and professional branding
  • Out-of-the-box job search and networking strategies for mid-career professionals
  • Interview coaching and salary negotiation
  • Guidance for career advancement and promotion
  • Freelance and business start-up guidance
  • Online job search courses
  • Support for clients who are new to Nashville

…Dr. Bonds will provide:

  • Professionally-written résumés and cover letters
  • Creative résumé design
  • LinkedIn profile customization and optimization
  • Out-of-the-box job search and networking strategies for recent grads and new professionals
  • Administration and interpretation of select career assessments
  • Support for clients making the transition from college to the real world

“When Lori approached me about joining paNASH, I was thrilled. She has built an impressive coaching business that has had a positive impact on her clients. I am honored to become part of the work she is doing in the career services arena. Working with her again is such a pleasure!” said Bonds.

Dr. Bonds holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education; a Master of Science in Higher Education, Student Affairs, and Career Development; and a Bachelor of Arts in Music. She is also a certified professional résumé writer and a nationally certified LinkedIn strategist.

About paNASH

paNASH LLC is a career coaching service that’s been ranked in the Top Ten Best Coaches in Nashville by Expertise.com for four consecutive years. Its mission is to serve, educate, and encourage people, both in Nashville and across the country, by assisting them with the discovery and pursuit of their passions in a way that honors their purpose and their own vision for success, while amplifying who they are personally and advancing them professionally.

Click here to book a complimentary initial consultation with a paNASH career coach.

paNASH Partners With HPMG to Reach and Empower More People

Press Release: paNASH and HPMG partnership

Hill Productions & Media Group, Inc. (HPMG), a Business Consulting & Integrated Marketing firm headquartered in Bloomfield, Iowa, is proud to announce a new partnership with paNASH Coaching, a Career Coaching and Personal Branding company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The partnership will increase HPMG’s capacity to service clients throughout the lower Midwest as well as Tennessee and Kentucky. It will also allow for expansion of several service areas including career coaching, company culture consulting, and personal branding.

Lori Bumgarner, paNASH with Justin Hill, Hill Productions & Media Group, Inc.

(Pictured: Lori Bumgarner, paNASH with Justin Hill, Hill Productions & Media Group, Inc.)

paNASH was founded in 2007 by Lori Bumgarner, a certified transformational coach. Bumgarner was ranked in the Top Ten Best Coaches in Nashville for the last three years in a row. With nearly 20 years of experience in career coaching, Lori has authored three books, including the Amazon #1 bestseller, Advance Your Image. She has also been published in The Huffington Post, The Daily Positive, Thrive Global, and INC., and she’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal’s blog. With clients in Nashville and across the United States, paNASH continues to help people pursue their passions and find the work they love. Lori’s third book, Personal Branding, will be available in May 2019.

“Lori and I have worked together on several projects over the last eight years, so it only seemed natural that now is the time – when we (HPMG) are seeking to expand our service offerings and do some truly unique things – that we should solidify a more permanent relationship between our companies. It’s not often you find someone who shares your passion to such an extreme. In this case, a passion for encouraging and empowering people. Lori and her company is the real deal, and we are excited to move forward,” commented Justin Hill, HPMG CEO & Co-Founder.

Founded in 2006, Hill Productions & Media Group, Inc. focuses on Business Consulting, Integrated Marketing, and Creative Services. It is headquartered in Bloomfield, Iowa with a satellite office in Nashville, Tennessee. HPMG has garnered numerous awards and achievements, including being listed amongst the top Digital Agencies, Web Development, Branding, and Business Consulting Firms in the Iowa and Nashville, Tennessee markets, respectively. HPMG co-founder, Justin Hill, is also a noted speaker and author on the topics of personal empowerment and business leadership.

Media Inquiries Contact:

For media inquiries, contact Diana Upton-Hill, VP/Senior Project Manager, Hill Productions & Media Group, Inc. 641-664-1216 or info@hillproductionsinc.com


paNASH is Celebrating Its 10-Year Anniversary!

Ten years ago today, I walked into the Davidson County Clerk’s office to get a business license for paNASH. I had no idea what I was doing since I’d never started a business before.

It was scary to say the least. But, I put one foot in front of the other, filled out the form, and paid my fee.

When I walked out I thought to myself, “Okay, this is real now. I have to do it.” My business license was more than just a little piece of paper. It was something tangible that was holding me accountable.

I started working hard on my business part-time while still working full-time. Nine months later I took a leap of faith and quit my cushy career advising job with benefits to pursue my business full-time.

paNASH’s Beginnings

paNASH originally began as an image consulting business working primarily with up-and-coming recording artists here in Nashville. I used my skills from my previous experience as a college career adviser to teach new artists how to present themselves in media interviews, to labels, and more. The additional wardrobe styling piece of the business served as a creative outlet for me at the time.

But after eight years, I started feeling restless in my business and it no longer felt right to me. I couldn’t yet put my finger on why, but I knew it was about to undergo some big changes.

I loved working for myself and knew I didn’t want that to change, but I was burned out on the original concept of the business. And, I’d become extremely frustrated with the way the music industry works. I loved my clients, but I was done with the constant frustrations.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was being called back to what I loved most and was best at, career coaching. Only this time, it was taking on a new approach. For the full story, read From Fashionista to Passionista.


paNASH Today

Since making the change to my business nearly two years ago, I’ve been much happier. It thrills me to see my clients gain the confidence to pursue their own passions that have been lying dormant for so many years.

Although they face a series of common challenges while going through the process of pursuing their passions, they start to sense an excitement in the transition to a new life and career. They have a light in their eyes again.

And while I’m also happier, I still face some challenges in my own transition of the focus and mission of my business. One of those is still being thought of as an image consultant. I guess I did a really good job of establishing paNASH’s brand early on. Too good of a job! When you Google paNASH, there are still some things that pop up indicating image consulting. I’ve had to turn away several people seeking image consulting services.

But, I’m using the same branding strategy now that I did then to eventually replace my former brand. And it’s working. Just like it works for my new clients whom I’m teaching how to develop their own personal brand for their career and their lives.

The Importance of a Mission Statement

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s so important to have a brand and a mission statement for yourself. My personal mission statement is:

To boldly pursue my passions and purpose, and to teach, encourage, and inspire others to do the same, resulting in lives overflowing with joy, peace, and fulfillment.

This mission statement helps me to make better decisions regarding both my business and my personal life.

My business’s mission statement also aligns with my personal mission statement. When I changed the mission of paNASH nearly two years ago, it became:

To serve, educate, and encourage you by assisting you with the discovery and pursuit of your passions in a way that honors your purpose and your own vision for success, while amplifying who you are personally and advancing you professionally.

No matter what your goals are, I encourage you to also develop your own mission statement. To learn how, check out my on-demand program on personal branding (45% of proceeds go to Justice & Mercy International). You’ll be glad you did because once you’ve completed the program, you’ll be able to make better life and career decisions. Decisions that are true to your unique passions!

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Neil Newton on the Key to Happiness in Business

Last week I invited you to my first Periscope interview. My goal is to share with you examples of people who have boldly pursued their passions and the advice they have for others hoping to do the same. In case you missed it, below is the first interview in full with the owner of Paddle Up Nashville, Neil Newton.

happiness in business

In this interview, Neil discusses how he and his partner Cindy have taken the things that are core to their lives and their passions and turned them into a business for profit. In doing so, he shares the process he went through, including re-framing fear as simply a challenge to overcome, and how past failures made it less intimidating to take present risks.

“When you sell for a living, you experience enough failures to go, ‘Okay, that didn’t work. I’ll go do something else.'”

Neil also discusses how he’s never let age be a factor in the pursuit of his passions, and talks about how the key to happiness in business is figuring out what you love to do and then getting someone to pay you to do it.

Some questions I ask:

  • Tell the story of how you decided to pursue your passion as a business.
  • What fears did you have and how did you overcome them?
  • How did your past experience prepare you?
  • How does your work help others?
  • What advice do you have regarding pursuing your passions later in life?
  • What advice do you have for someone contemplating a career change or starting a business related to a lifelong passion?

happiness in business

In this interview you will learn:

  • How to apply what is core in your life to your work. (3:06)
  • How to take risks without having all the knowledge upfront. (3:35)
  • How to re-frame fear and instead view it as a challenge. (4:09)
  • How to gain knowledge about your passions. (4:54)
  • The importance of following your gut and the joy of sharing your passions with others. (5:47)
  • How failure gives you the courage to try something new. (7:05)
  • How helping others can be a joy. (7:31)
  • How to not let age to be a factor. (9:12)
  • The definition of success. (10:11)
  • How to pursue passions outside of work. (10:51)
  • Advice for others wanting to turn their passion into a business. (13:19)

Some of my upcoming interviews will include Katie Gonzalez, a bookbinder who creates meaningful handmade books and teaches others to make their own journals, photo albums, etc., and Joel Anderson, “Spirit of Nashville” artist and owner of Anderson Design Group. To receive notifications about upcoming interviews, follow me on Periscope (@paNASHcoaching) and subscribe to my newsletter!

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Overcoming Fear

Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or even fear of success, we all have experienced fear in some shape or form. For some of us, our fears have been so powerful they have kept us from getting the things we want most, including love, adventure, success, financial freedom, you name it. Knowing how to deal with fear in a healthy manner instead of letting it paralyze us is the key to achieving our goals and desires.

Last week we talked about the fears and anxieties that come when moving into The Learning Zone, and as promised this week I am going to discuss how to overcome those fears.

Out of control

Recently I was having breakfast with an old high school friend. She was telling me about how she finally came to the realization that a lot of her own fears in life were less about the things she thought she was afraid of, and more about the fear of not having control.

She realized that, in looking back on her life, everything has turned out pretty good so far, so why not just accept the fact that she’s not in control and trust that the future will also turn out good, even in the midst of possible trials and tribulations.

Willingness Instead Of Fearlessness

In listening to the things my friend said she had been afraid of for so long and had finally let go of, I realized I still have some of the same fears she once had, and yes, most of them boil down to just one fear:  the fear of not having control (which is also closely related to the fear of failure and the fear of the unknown).

Some of my friends look at me and think I’m brave or unafraid, but those closest to me know I have just as many fears as the next person. What may appear to be fearlessness is instead a willingness to face fears and push through them. I’ve done this with a lot of my own fears, but still have some fears I need to overcome. How does one do this?

5 Ways of Overcoming Fear

A new friend of mine, author and business and career strategist Gabriel Aviles, recently published a post on Dale Partridge’s The Daily Positive blog entitled “5 Ways Dreamers Can Overcome Their Fear of Failure.” While Gabriel’s article is geared toward those dreaming to leave their job to start their own business, the lessons can be applied to any type of goal one may have. Because after all, just like we all have fears, we all have dreams.

So let’s look at the 5 things Gabriel says to do to overcome fear of failure (replace the word “failure” with your own fear you’re currently facing):

  1. Unpack your fears:  Gabriel says to acknowledge your fears and ask yourself what would be the worse-case-scenario if those fears came true.
  2. Forget about your fears:  this one is pretty self-explanatory. I will say it is a lot easier to forget about your fears once you’ve completed step #1 and gotten them out of your system. One thing I’ve done in the past that’s helped me is to write down my fears on a piece of paper, and then light it on fire! Watch those fears go up in smoke!
  3. Gain clarity:  Gabriel discusses the importance of visualizing your desired outcome.
  4. Create a transition strategy:  this is a responsible way to face your fears and move toward your desired outcome.
  5. Take action:  this one is pretty self-explanatory too. Once you’ve decided on a strategy to transition to your desired goal, you have to implement your strategy.

Thank you Gabriel for such great insights! A coach like Gabriel or myself can help walk you through the above 5 steps, and so can the paNASH 8-Step Goal-Achievement Plan. It’s free and it’s designed to help you create a strategy and make it happen. Click here to start receiving the 8-Step Goal-Achievement Plan in your inbox today.