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Career Advice
Lori Bumgarner Béen

6 Signs Your Job Search Is Moving in the Right Direction

The job search can be frustrating and discouraging. Especially if you’re doing everything you know to do, but aren’t sure if it’s working. Below are six signs you can know your job search is (or isn’t) moving in the right direction. If it’s not, you’ll discover some tips to help

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networking don't
Lori Bumgarner Béen

Networking Don’t: Why You Should Never Use Empty Flattery

While networking can be tricky, it should never involve trickery, which could cause your networking efforts to blow up in your face. There are several networking don’ts to avoid, which I’ve previously written about. One don’t I’d like to focus on today is empty flattery. Empty flattery, also known as

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Out-of-the-box Career Advice
Lori Bumgarner Béen

Is Your Resume Not Working?

Maybe it’s time to approach résumé writing from a different angle If you’ve sent out hundreds of résumés and still aren’t getting interviews, maybe it’s time to re-think your resume. Most job seekers approach résumé writing from the wrong perspective. They think their résumé is about them, when in actuality, it’s

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