Sunday Inspiration: Get Out of the Box

Welcome to “Sunday Inspiration,” a bi-weekly devotional for those seeking spiritual encouragement in the pursuit of their passions. Each post comes from an outside resource (as referenced). I hope these posts will inspire and motivate you in your life and career in addition to our weekly original blog posts. Enjoy!

He brought me…into a large place…me, because he delighted in me.” Ps 18:19

A respected counselor says:

“First you crawled; then you learned to walk and the world grew bigger. Then you rode a bike…drove a car…bought a plane ticket. Suddenly the horizons were limitless. Then doubts crept in: I can’t (you fill in the blank)…and your world shrinks a little. I shouldn’t take that trip…I’ll never find my way around…I’ve too many responsibilities. And it shrinks a little more…[until] you’re sitting in a little box with the lid tightly affixed. No experiences, no lessons, no life. Boxes can be comfortable…but no matter how cozy you make it, it’s still a box. They come in all shapes and sizes. When we let unrealistic fears hold us back we can be fairly certain we’re climbing inside another box…and sooner or later we’ll run into the walls. Find one small I can’t in your life, and take the lid off the box…try for a minor impossibility…apply for that dream job…start pursuing your vision…Poke the top off your box. Stick your head out and look around. Find a fear and turn it into a ladder. Get out of the box of doubt and insecurity and into the freedom of courage and belief.”

If you let it, fear will cause your imagination to run riot. But “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power…love and of a sound mind” (2Ti 1:7 NKJV).

A sound mind restores your perspective and helps you see things from God’s viewpoint, where all things are possible. Today He wants to give you the courage to climb out of the box and bring you “into a large place,” because He “delights” in you.


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  • Tom Burriesci says:

    I’m a 70 year old man that has been retired for 11+ years and now I want something to do. I was in business my whole adult life and have been a born again Spirit filled Christian for over 35 years. I’m thinking about coaching small business people so now my project is learning to be a coach and not a mentor as I was my entire career. All this being said so you know who you are dealing with. I have only been reading your blog posts a very short time but I wanted you to know I really like them. I have found them very inspirational and I especially like when you use scriptures. Thank you for the motivation to pursue a goal and to put behind me that constant chatter in my mind “That I’m too old and no one wants to listen to yesterdays news when they can have the newest and latest ideas”. Hope you had a great Christmas, thanks again and God Bless you.

    • Lori Bumgarner says:

      You are never too old! Keep pursuing your goal Tom. I’m glad you’ve found my blog to be motivating. Thank you for sharing this with me! Your comments and feedback are motivating to me as well. Lori

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