The Secret to Successful Networking

How to Do It Naturally and Effectively

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The Secret to Successful Networking: How to Do It Naturally and Effectively

Do you find networking to be inauthentic at best, and uncomfortable or intimidating at worst? Does it feel unnatural, especially if you’re introverted?

In this on-demand program you’ll learn:

  • The who, what, when, where, why, and how of networking.
  • A networking technique more effective at getting you a job than applying to job ads or making cold calls.
  • Networking strategies for introverts.
  • Networking etiquette.
  • 5 Ways to Network Effectively in a Post-COVID Job Market (see downloadable handout).

As a result you’ll:

  • Receive a free copy of the e-book Secrets to Networking With Ease and Confidence that includes additional networking tips and advice.
  • Feel more relaxed and at-ease in networking situations.
  • Make stronger connections with people who have hiring power.
  • Be better prepared for networking situations.
  • More likely get hired sooner than by answering job ads.


  • “The tips Lori gave helped me tremendously, especially in locating recruiters.” J.S.
  • “This program reassured me that my unique skills do have a place in the professional world when I originally didn’t think they did.” Robert H.
  • “Lori’s instruction makes you feel like you’re on the right path with a friend in tow for support.” Penny C.
  • “The networking style Lori teaches is brilliant and it worked for me. I am so grateful!” Grace W.

Register for this on-demand program to start building a stronger network in a comfortable and effective way. (Save when you purchase the bundle.)

The Secret to Successful Networking

This Course Includes:

3 on-demand video(s)
42:27 min of on-demand video
3 downloadable resource(s)

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