Resumes That Get You the Interview

Surprising Secrets to Getting Your Resume Noticed

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Resumes That Get You the Interview: Surprising Secrets About How to Get Your Resume Noticed (Receive a free resume critique when you purchase the bundle.)

Does your current resume get you as many interviews as you’d like? Or does it just seem to end up in a black hole in cyber space? Get ready for the best resume advice in 20 years!

In this on-demand program you’ll learn:

  • How to update your resume for a post-COVID job market (see downloadable handout).
  • How to ensure your resume makes it through keyword filtering software.
  • How to guarantee it gets read and fully considered by recruiters.
  • What common resume mistakes to avoid.
  • Which resume format best showcases your skills and experience.
  • How to best word your resume.
  • Modern ways to make your resume stand out above the competition.

As a result, you’ll get:

  • A free copy of the e-book Get Your Resume Read! that includes additional resume tips and advice.
  • An increase in the number of people seeing your resume.
  • More job interviews.
  • A boost in confidence in your experience and work history.
  • More job opportunities for which you can apply.


  • “My new resume is working much better and Lori’s advice is to thank! The response has been very positive. I now have 7 interviews lined up!” Beth G.
  • “Lori’s suggestions for my resume landed me a job. A very good job!” Chris C.
  • “While going through the videos and handouts, I kept blurting out ‘Ah, that’s good advice!’ every two to three minutes. That’s how much information I learned – something new every two minutes of watching! Thank you Lori for this program. I can say it is worth the money!” Chris D.
  • “This program included things I’d never heard or considered before when putting together a resume. The sample hybrid resume was especially helpful because I’d been needing something like that to re-do my resume for a career change. It hit the nail on the head and the program was worth every dollar!” Michelle Noel

Register for this on-demand program to start landing more job interviews. (Receive a free resume critique and save when you purchase the bundle.)

Resumes That Get You the Interview

This Course Includes:

5 on-demand video(s)
1:05:47 hours of on-demand video
9 downloadable resource(s)

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