*Bonus: Make More Money, Without Taking a Second Job

*Bonus program with purchase of bundle.

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*Bonus program with purchase of bundle.

Do you wish you could make more money without having to put in more hours? I’m going to show you how to increase your income with one simple task.

This one simple task will enable you to:

  • Market what you’ve accomplished in your past work experience.
  • Ask for more money in your current job.
  • Position yourself for a promotion.
  • Leverage you experience for a better paying job.
  • Get more clients.
  • Protect yourself from potential job loss.

As a result, you’ll get:

  • More money/higher salary in less time.
  • Additional career opportunities.
  • A more streamlined source of revenue.
  • Greater awareness of your worth in the work force.
  • Confidence and ability to negotiate successfully.


  • “I thought I already knew a lot of this stuff, but I learned so many new things to help me get more clients and negotiate a better rate.” Anonymous
  • “I wish I had known this info the last time I had to negotiate my salary.” B. Q.
  • “This program taught me how brand awareness is key in communicating my value to my audience such as my clients and my supervisor. I learned that my past work results are part of my brand and they’re the things that give me the leverage I need to increase my income.” John R.

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Make More Money, Without Taking a Second Job

This Course Includes:

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