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paNASH now offers on-demand coaching videos that are affordable and allow you to work at your own pace.

Purchase individually or as a bundle.

You get 23 videos and 14 downloadable handouts on the following topics:

Wouldn’t you like to have:

A way out of the rut you’re currently stuck in, either in your life or your job?
The courage and freedom to pursue your passions?
A method for making better life and career decisions?
More success in your life and career goals?
More meaningful and fulfilling work?
A job you love and enjoy?
Better income without having to take a second job?
The ability to present yourself more professionally?
Better job offers?

When you purchase the on-demand bundle, you’ll get:

Encouragement to pursue your passions

leading to a happier and more fulfilling life and career.

A trusted method for making major life and career decisions

guaranteed to lead you in the right direction.

Life coaching and goal-setting methods

designed to help you get unstuck from your current rut in your life or your job.

Permission and courage to step outside your comfort zone

opening you up to new opportunities.

Steps to achieve the goals you’ve set

leading to more fulfillment in your life and more success in your career.

Cutting-edge career advice

resulting in more meaningful and joyful work.

Out-of-the-box job search skills

making you stand out above your competition.

Secret resume writing tips

guaranteed to get you more views of your resume and more invitations to job interviews.

Authentic networking strategies and tips

for more natural and more comfortable interactions with important contacts.

Significantly improved interview skills

resulting in increased confidence, more job offers, and more leverage in negotiating a higher salary.

Strategies to successfully increase your income

without having to take a second job.

Increased confidence

to negotiate a pay raise or promotion in your current job.

Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

  • Is this the same info I've heard before?

    No. This is a creative approach to career coaching. It shows you how to go above and beyond conventional methods to stand out from other candidates.


  • Can’t I just get this info for free on the Internet through a simple Google search?

    Not necessarily. Most of the job search advice on the Internet is extremely outdated (by as much as 20 years!). The on-demand programs include unique and cutting-edge advice not provided by other coaches or the Internet. This unique advice, coupled with tried-and-true methods, makes for a comprehensive program.


  • How will it help me if I’m not currently looking for a job?

    It'll save you time and put you in a good position for your next job search if you were to lose your job tomorrow. Also, it'll teach you how to ask for a pay raise or promotion in your current job.


  • How will it help me if I want to start my own business instead going to work for someone else?

    Many of the principles on how to land job offers directly apply to landing new clients or customers.


  • I went to a career coach before and did a bunch of assessments but it didn’t really help me.

    In paNASH's on-demand programs, you’ll learn how much more effective personal reflection and risk-free experiments are in discovering your true passions. The programs will give you courage and creative freedom to try new things without limiting you.


  • I don’t have time to complete each program.

    The bundle is on-demand so you can watch it at your own pace when it’s most convenient for you. Also, several of the programs are broken down into shorter segments making them easier to fit into your schedule.


  • I don’t have the money to purchase the bundle.

    You'll receive several free on-demand programs in the bundle. Also, you'll save $50 when you purchase the programs as a bundle. But even the individual programs are only $79 each!


  • I’m going to wait until I need the programs (i.e. if I get fired or lose my job).

    The on-demand programs are designed to either prevent a potential job loss or to make you ready to hit the ground running if you suddenly find yourself looking for work. You’ll be ahead of the average time it takes to find a job.

    Now's the time to get started!

Meet Jamie

Jamie is a paNASH client who at first hadn’t been able to get a job in two and a half years. This rejection put her confidence at an all-time low. She knew she must’ve been doing something wrong and needed to figure out how to correct her approach.

As soon as Jamie started learning the things taught in the on-demand programs, she realized just how little she knew about doing a job search. The instruction revealed those blind spots to her.

Once Jamie applied the advice given in the on-demand programs, her confidence went through the roof! She received a job offer one week later. Within nine months, she was being considered for a promotion.

What if Jamie hadn’t waited two and a half years to get started? She wouldn’t have been unemployed for that long, and therefore wouldn’t have let her confidence plummet. I ask you, can you afford to wait?

If you’d like to have a career you’re passionate about by this time next year, NOW is the time to start!

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