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“I believe everyone should find the courage to discover and pursue their passions despite the obstacles they may face. I want to see people actively pursue their passions with flair (“paNASH”) and confidence, along with responsibility to their purpose in life.” Lori Bumgarner, Passion & Career Specialist/Owner of paNASH

Based in Nashville, TN, paNASH’s mission is to serve, educate, and encourage others by assisting them with the discovery and pursuit of their passions in a way that honors their purpose and their own vision for success, while amplifying who they are personally and advancing them professionally.

We provide coaching services that specifically help clients fulfill their passions in both their work and their personal lives, resulting in the following:

  • Personal and professional freedom
  • Work-life balance
  • Expanded comfort zone
  • Fulfillment of vocational purpose
  • Increased confidence
  • Greater joy in life
  • Being part of something bigger than yourself


Lori Bumgarner of paNASH StyleLori Bumgarner is the owner of paNASH, a passion and career coaching service, and is a certified life coach and certified transformational coach. She possesses over 15 years of experience as a career adviser and most recently worked as an image consultant for over eight years. Lori is the author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book Advance Your Image and holds a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her own passions include stand up paddle boarding, enjoying the outdoors, life-long learning, and encouraging others.

  • "Though I initially came to paNASH in search of job hunting advice, I've gained not only the tools to successfully navigate my job search, but also invaluable career guidance. Since working with Lori, I've landed a job and have built a strong foundation to continue a career in the industry I'm passionate about. Her experience and patience make her an irreplaceable mentor to help guide anyone in search of professional development."

    Erin S.

  • "Lori gave me great advice and tips. Her questions and consultation led me to consider new options for my next steps in life and career, and energized me to work toward those personal and professional goals. I appreciate her talent and time!"

    Lynn W.

  • "Working with Lori was awesome! From working via the Internet to meeting in person, Lori was always professional and very knowledgeable. She focuses on the client's individual personality - she does not work off of a cookie-cutter formula. I could not have chosen anyone better with whom to work."

    Kori Yates - Author & Speaker

  • "Lori's style and work ethic was impressive to me on many levels. Her inquisitive diagnostic questions about me, my staff, and the operations of Girlilla Marketing were so well thought out that even before we began our coaching sessions, I felt I had learned a very important lesson. My entire staff felt their individual sessions with Lori not only helped us as a team with our outward facing communication, but also shed light on the internal workings of our company and led us to many positive changes that we would have not made or even thought of without Lori's expertise."

    Jennie Smythe - CEO, Girlilla Marketing

  • "Hey Lori, I'm heading home after a busy few weeks with my radio and media tour. I was just thinking about our coaching sessions and how beneficial they have. proven to be over the past few months. I draw on the experience of them daily. Thank you very, very much!"

    Corey Smith - Recording Artist

How We Work

1. Connect

It all begins with an initial consultation to determine fit, goals and needs.

2. Create

Together, we will determine the appropraite track to discovering and pursuing your passions with confidence.

3. Coach

We will provide coaching services and encouragement to help you put your plan into action.

Note: coaching sessions can be conducted in person, via online video chat, or via phone. Opportunities for group coaching will also be available throughout the year.

Services & Plans

Career Passion Track

Find joy and purpose in your work.

  • Need help finding joy in your work or finding work that's joyful?
  • Includes career coaching resulting in:
  • ------
  • - Work you love.
  • - Professional growth.
  • - Career success.
  • - Fulfillment of your vocational purpose.
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Life Passion Track

Improve your quality of life.

  • Need help cultivating your passions through service or life adventures?
  • Includes life coaching resulting in:
  • ------
  • - A simplified life and personal freedom.
  • - Greater self-awareness and self-confidence.
  • - Expansion of your comfort zone.
  • - Empowerment.
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LIfe & Career Combo Track

Discover true work-life balance.

  • Want to explore ways to combine your work with your life passions?
  • Includes both career and life coaching resulting in:
  • ------
  • - Benefits from previous two tracks.
  • - Cohesiveness in all areas of your life.
  • - Increased satisfaction with life and work.
  • - Being part of something bigger than yourself.
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New To Nashville Track

Establish yourself.

  • Have you moved to Nashville within the past year?
  • Includes relocation coacing resulting in:
  • ------
  • - An instant local support system.
  • - Job search and/or job entry success.
  • - Helpful knowledge specific to your industry, including the music industry.
  • - New connections.
  • - A sense of belonging.
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